Sharp Car Ion Generator
3.6m² Car Ion Generator IG-GC2B-P Compare
  • High density plasmacluster ion technology (positive and negative ions) powerfully and quickly removes airborne particles
  • Removal of adhered mold in addition to suspend mold
  • Speedy deodorizing of adhering odor
  • Strong performance of removal of viruses
  • Removal of allergens from dust mite faces and dead dust mites
  • 3 modes of operations: Turbo, High, Low
  • Easy use with USB car adapter
  • Low power consumption and quiet operation (19dB)



Plasma Cluster Working.png



Specification (-)
Color Pink
Power USB with Car Adapter
Rated output DC5V
Rated input DC12V
Capacity applicable for high-density Plasmacluster 25000 Approx. 3. 6m3
Weight Approx. 265g (excluding accessories)
Power input (W) (Max/Med/Low) 1.9 / 0.6 / 0.5
Standby Power (W) 36 / 23 / 19