24000 BTU Sharp J-Tech Inverter Air Condition
24000 BTU Sharp J-Tech Inverter AH-X24ZB Compare

Sharp air conditioner inverter system save energy

Inverter system saves energy Quiet operation constant temperature control

• Cools quickly with Super Jet mode that distributes cool air powerfully. Reduces room temperature by 5 degrees Celsius in just 5 minutes.

• Distribute the cold air farther with technology from Coanda Effect, spreading Long Airflow up to 14m with Coanda Technoly
• Sharp products. Passed 7 stringent quality and safety standards from Japan.

Specification(aircond) (-)
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 22,220(5460-23,210)
Power Input (W) 2.03
Running Current (A) 10
SEER (BTU/W) 18.90
Dimension (mm) - Indoor (W×H×D) 1,006 x 316 x 249
Features(aircond) (-)
Auto Operation Mode มี
Auto & 3-Step Fan Speed Setting มี