Sharp J- Tech Inverter Air Conditioner
AH-XP10WMB Sharp J-Tech Inverter (9,200 BTU) Compare
Inverter system saves energy Quiet operation constant temperature control
• Powerful Jet system delivers large amounts of cold air at high speed.
Plasmacluster system It kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and dust mites, as well as effectively dissolving odors.
•Coanda Airflow function that distributes cool air to the ceiling of the room. to prevent the cold wind from being sent directly to the person
•130v Operation The machine can continue to cool. Even the power dropped to only 130V
Quiet Operation with ultra-low fan speed
Best Sleep Mode can adjust the room temperature automatically. to get the right temperature as you begin to go to bed While you're asleep and when you're awake
Eco mode limits the power consumption of the air conditioner. to help reduce electricity consumption
Received 7 durability standards from Sharp
Refrigerant R32


























Specification(aircond) (-)
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 9,200 (3,070 - 10,000)
Power Input (W) 710
Running Current (A) 4.0
SEER (BTU/W) 18.70
Power Supply (V-Hz) 220V 50Hz
Air Volume (m3/min) 9.6
Dimension (mm) - Indoor (W×H×D) 877 × 292 × 222
Dimension (mm) - Outdoor (W×H×D) 598 × 495 × 265
Net Weight (kg) - Indoor 9
Net Weight (kg) - Outdoor 17
Refrigerant R32
Pipe Diameter (inch) 1/4, 3/8
Pipe Length (Min-Max) (m) 3-15
Maximum Chargeless Length (m) 7.5
Maximum Height Difference (m) 7
Features(aircond) (-)
Powerful Jet Mode Yes
14m Long Airflow Yes
Coanda Airflow System Yes
Inverter-Controlled Operation Yes
ECO Mode Yes
Multi-Channel Heat Exchanger Yes
130V Operation Yes
Plasmacluster Ions Yes
0.5°C Setting Yes
15-Step Control Yes
Baby Mode Yes
Quiet Operation Yes
Best Sleep Mode Yes
Breeze Mode Yes
Self-Cleaning Yes
14°C Temperature Setting Yes
Computerized Dry Mode Operation Yes
Auto Operation Mode Yes
Auto & 4-Step Fan Speed Setting Yes
Micro-Computer Control Yes
LCD Wireless Remote Control Yes
12-Hour On/Off Timer Yes
Awakening Function Yes
Auto Swing Louver Yes
Anti-Mold Anti-Bacteria Mesh Filter Yes
Dual Drain Setting Yes